Underfloor heating has long been regarded as the most comfortable form of heating.

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Quickheat electric floor heating is the best choice of heating for your home. An innovative, durable and high quality floor heating that improves your living comfort and lifestyle.

Electric underfloor heating has long been regarded as the most comfortable form of heat. The low-energy, high performance heating range is suitable for installation under tile, carpet, floating timber floors, in-slab and vinyl. It has also been used most effectively in saunas, drying cupboards and animal shelters, to name a few.

As the floor heats up, warmth radiates into the room gently and evenly resulting in a natural and comfortable heated space. The quick response time and low power requirements promote the economic use of electricity as a power source, contributing greatly to the benefits of sustainable design and efficient energy use.

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One of the most comfortable forms of heating, underfloor heating warms your home evenly and efficiently. Allergy friendly and cost effective, find out more about floor heating today.

Floor Heating Throughout the Home

Quickheat specialise in superior electric underfloor heating for the entire home, often regarded as one of the most efficient forms of heating available. From carpets and under tile heating, to kitchen, bathroom and in-slab heating, Quickheat can provide you with your own underfloor heating solution for every room in the house.

Quiet and quick, underfloor heating is far superior to traditional forms of heating. By heating from the ground up, it creates an even, consistent heat that can be controlled from room to room. Airborne systems tend to pump heated air through ducts near the ceiling, spreading germs and allergens around the home, whereas underfloor heating removes dust mites and other allergens, making it more environmentally friendly and safe for the whole family.

Browse the products at Quickheat today to find out more about our floor heating products and how easy electric underfloor heating is to install.

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With very little maintenance required, all our floor heating products are ready to use following a very simple installation. Whether you’re looking at a complete bathroom heating solution for your ensuite, or under tile heating for the kitchen or laundry, Quickheat can show you just how simple installation is for all of our systems.

Browse our selection of quick, quiet and efficient underfloor heating systems and see which one is right for your home.

Tile Heaters

Installed directly onto the concrete floor or cement sheet, under tile heating is a safe and 100% waterproof way to heat up wet areas in the home, such as the bathroom or kitchen. Learn more about Quickheat’s under tile heating products.

Carpet Heaters

Quickheat’s laminated panel heaters are suitable for installation under fitted carpets or loose lay rugs, and are one of the most efficient forms of electric underfloor heating, providing an even distribution of heat with no hot spots or overheating. Learn more about Quickheat’s carpet heating products.

Mat Heaters

Keep your toes and feet warm with a portable and lightweight heated foot mat from Quickheat. No installation is required – simply plug it in and enjoy a radiant heat with minimal power usage. Learn more about Quickheat’s mat heaters.

Rug Heaters

Turn your rug into an invisible space heater with a portable RugBuddy rug heater from Quickheat. Simply place the heating mat under your rug, plug it in, and safely warm up cold rooms. Learn more about Quickheat rug heaters.

Mirror Demisters

Prevent condensation and demist your bathroom mirror with an easy-to-install mirror demister from Quickheat. They can run off your existing light circuits, so there’s no need to install an extra light switch either. Learn more about mirror demisters.


Easily control your underfloor heating with a programmable thermostat from Quickheat. Adjust your settings according to the time of day so you can create your ideal environment while saving energy. Learn more about Quickheat’s thermostats.


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