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Are you tired of stepping out of a warm shower or bath onto freezing cold tiles? Quickheat underfloor bathroom heating systems may be the answer you’re looking for. Easy to install and extremely durable, it’s never been simpler to keep both your bathroom and your feet warm.


Under tile floor heating is a low-maintenance, energy efficient heating option for the entire home. With room-to-room control, you can create your ideal environment throughout your whole house while enjoying a gentle, radiant heat that doesn’t overheat or produce any hot spots.


Under tile heating can be installed in just four simple steps, and is the ideal product for ceramic or porcelain tiles. It’s a suitable heating option for new builds, renovations and existing homes. 


Because under tile heating doesn’t involve any ducts, you don’t have to worry about nasty allergens and dust mites spreading throughout the home. In fact, under tile heating removes dust mites, making it a clean and allergy-friendly heating option for every room in your house. 


Under tile heating only adds an extra 1-2mm to the existing floor height, and is installed directly onto the concrete floor or cement sheet, and then embedded in the tile glue, so there’s no unsightly plugs, cords or cables to worry about.

For a more portable solution to bathroom heating, why not try a heat mat? Simply plug in and enjoy comfortable, energy efficient heat. Using less energy than a 100W light bulb, Quickheat heat mats are the simplest bathroom heating solution. 

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