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DIY Under Floor Heating Solutions For Your Home

At Quickheat, our aim is to provide a range of efficient, superior underfloor heating solutions for your home. Perfect for any room in the house, from kitchen to bathroom, carpet to tiles, we provide underfloor heating Melbourne and indeed nationwide. Additionally, installation is very easy – we even provide DIY underfloor heating you can do yourself.

Quickheat have every under floor heating system you could ever need, from a heat mat to a mirror demister. Unlike other providers of floor heating Melbourne wide, Quickheat’s systems are cost effective, easy to use, and can be customised to suit any existing décor.

For the floor heating Melbourne, Sydney and the rest of Australia deserves, browse our products above or contact Quickheat today.

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Traditional heating systems tend to spread airborne dust mites and allergens through ducts near the ceiling, which can be potentially harmful to your family. Conversely, under floor heating provides a comfortable, consistent heat by starting from the ground up and evenly heating any room in your home. Depending on the configuration you need, all of our DIY underfloor heating systems can be bought and installed separately, and each underfloor heating system comes with its own safety guarantee. Furthermore, each system is free of maintenance – simply retro fit an existing floor or install the under floor heating into a new home and you’re good to go!

Unpack, install, and in no time at all you’re warming every room in the house. Underfloor heating has never been this simple. We’re more than happy to help you decide what’s right for your home, and we’re confident that ours is the most comfortable form of under floor heating you’ll ever experience. Simply speak with our floor heating Melbourne team today and we’ll guide you through the process.

Quickheat delivers underfloor heating Melbourne homes deserve, and we can ship our products throughout Australia. Browse the selection at Quickheat today and find the DIY underfloor heating system that’s right for you.