Carpet Heaters

Carpet Heaters

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Floor Heating

Suitable for installation under fitted carpets or loose lay rugs, Quickheat laminated panel heaters are one of the more efficient forms of electric underfloor heating. All floor heating systems can be retro fitted under existing carpets or installed under new carpets.

Quickheat carpet floor heating systems are sandwiched between a woven PP layer and a high quality metalized PET film carrier. The bottom layer of our electric underfloor heating system is designed specifically for downward heat flow reduction and even heat distribution. The top layer is designed specifically to promote radiation, which means your carpet is heated evenly and effectively without hot spots or overheating. Most traditional systems pump hot air through ducts near the ceiling, whereas our electric floor heating solutions work from the ground up, creating a consistent heat. Another fantastic electric floor heating system we offer is under tile heating.

Electric floor heating has never been this easy. You can now browse our selection of floor heating systems to find the right one for your home, and for further information on the electric underfloor heating we provide simply contact Quickheat today.


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